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Icon service (Professional image selection)

Multiple images selection

Icon service (Custom template creation)

Custom template creation

Icon service (Market & competitor research)

Market & competitor research

Icon service (Dream reader avatar analysis)

Dream reader avatar analysis

Icon service (eBook cover creation)

eBook cover creation

Icon service (Back & spine included)

Back & spine included

Icon service (Up to 2 Revision included)

2 revision included

Icon service (Up to 14 business days delivery)

Up to 21 business days delivery

Why other people buy this Service

We provide a high-level design service by producing covers that need multiple images to enhance the content of your book. Our designers excel in creating eye-catching, image-rich covers designed explicitly for cookery books and other subjects that require multiple quality images. This type of cover invites readers to embark on a sensory journey through your pages. Experience the transformation that a stunning, image-rich cover can bring to the quality and performance of your book with our Cover Plus service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Cover Plus service?

The Cover Plus service is a game-changing solution for authors and publishers looking to create a lasting impression with their cookbooks or image-heavy books. Our talented designers go above and beyond to craft visually striking, professional covers that not only capture the essence of your book but also entice potential readers and boost sales. Investing in the Cover Plus service gives your book the competitive edge it deserves, ensuring it stands out on both digital and physical shelves while enhancing your credibility.

How can Cover Plus boost your sales?

Our Cover Plus service is specifically tailored to create captivating, image-rich covers that showcase the visual appeal of your cookbook or image-heavy book. Our expert designers understand that a stunning cover is crucial for attracting your target audience and generating interest in your offer. With the Cover Plus service, you maximize your book's marketability, increase its visibility, and boost your chances of success in the competitive publishing landscape.

How does Cover Plus differ from Cover Light?

While the Cover Light service delivers high-quality, attractive book covers, the Cover Plus service caters to books requiring a more complex and image-intensive design. We dedicate additional time and resources to creating visually striking covers highlighting cookbooks' unique nature and other image-centric projects.

What types of books are best suited for Cover Plus?

The Cover Plus service is ideally suited for cookbooks, art books, photography books, or any other genre that requires a higher concentration of images on the front cover. We excel at crafting covers that capture the essence of these visually focused books, drawing in potential readers.

How does the Cover Plus service work?

Our process starts by analyzing the information left in your cover brief. Based on this information, we create a first draft to present to you for confirmation of the chosen design idea and concept. Once confirmed, we’ll refine the design until it’s perfectly aligned with your vision and ready for final delivery.

Do you create book covers for print and digital formats?

Yes, our talented designers create covers suitable for both print and digital formats, ensuring your book looks great across platforms and reaches a broader audience.

What if I don’t have the exact page count of the book yet?

No problem. We’ll work on the design of the digital version of your book to have the final cover ready. After that, your project will be put on standby until you provide us with the exact page count of the print version of your manuscript.

How long does it take to receive my Cover Plus?

Our standard turnaround time for the Cover Plus service is up to 21 business days. However, this timeline may vary depending on our workload and your project's complexity. We'll provide a more accurate estimate when you place your order.

What if I'm not satisfied with the book cover designs you provide?

We're committed to your satisfaction and will work closely with you to refine and revise the designs until you're happy with the final product. We aim to create a book cover that perfectly represents your work and resonates with your target audience.